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Dil is a wonderful person, a good listener who makes you feel at ease when you are in her company. After having my first session of Reiki with Dil, I decided that I wanted to learn more about Reiki so asked Dil about it, and she agreed to teach me.. Dil is not only great as a practitioner, but great at teaching too. Being able to do Reiki level 1 and two with her has been great. Thanks to Dil’s teaching I can now help myself when I find difficult situations as well as to help others. Thank you Dil for everything you have taught me.

                                                                                                           Damaris, London


After my Reiki sessions with Dil I felt a sense of peace and clarity like with no other. Dil guides our healing process through her hands with Reiki and with her wise words. Dil takes the time to get to know you and where you are at, at the beginning of each session and I truly treasure that moment.

                                                                                                           Ana, London

I feel more grounded and my leg has improved.  I was able to get my referrals sorted today.  Thank you so much, I truly feel more aligned with myself and with the needs of my body.

                                                                                                          Emily, London

I feel so good! I've been feeling super energetic.  I took your advice and tried to put everything out of my mind for a while and the universe did the sorting for me and few things happened which made my decisions so much easier!  I went to a Kirtan even last night too which felt so powerful energetically so I'm feeling so lovely and purified at the moment.  Thank you so much for the session it was just what I needed - even though that wasn't my intention, but the universe had it planned!

                                                                                                          Molly, London

I had my first ever Reiki session with Dil last week, and I cannot recommend it and her enough. The moment I entered her home, her warmth and energy made me feel so comfortable, that I knew I was in safe hands. The experience itself was so healing and therapeutic, and left me feeling lighter and more optimistic. Dil is an incredible healer, truly gifted.

                                                                                                         Asra, London


Dil has helped me both with Reiki and with health coaching. She helped me find the right vitamins to keep colds at bay and even did some long-distance reiki which helped with the sale of my home. Thank you Dil!

                                                                                                        Mair, London

Reiki with Dil has gotten amazing results in my case, after only first 2 sessions, in person. Dil has released the tension on both of my knees and set them free after the first session, something other medical doctors had brushed it off saying to me they all got healed themselves since it had been more than 2 years since I got both of them fractured. The second session I asked Dil to focus on my eyes and everything between my ears, I combined acupuncture and Reiki for my head area, when I got home in Texas, I slept for 29 hours straight, before The acupuncture and Reiki session with Dil, sleeping well and for a long period of time was impossible. I hope to have more sessions with her in the future through Reiki at a distance.

Aeriel, Texas

It was my first experience with Reiki and Dil. It felt a bit strange in the beginning but i later felt relaxed and more hopeful. Its a cleansing procedure for the soul and energy. Dil is a very kind and responsive healer. She took me through the process and the first session was continents apart but it felt good. Recommend everyone to try it as it brings peace and relief to your body and soul.

  Ghada, Dubai

6 weeks ago I was waiting for an 18 wheeler to take my car out totally. My body was giving me issues.  My foot felt like it was cracked, doctors diagnosed me with tennis elbow, my right shoulder, lower back was hurting.  And within a span of a couple of days of a brand new haircut, I was told by my customer that I had a lump on the base of my head.  Doctors told me it’s nothing.  But something didn’t feel right in my entire body.  I conveyed this whole story to Dil along with a load of other emotional baggage.

Considering her niece (my wife) and I are separating, Dil had no judgement, put everything aside and sent me reiki from London all the way to California.  I had never experienced it before and didn’t know much about it.  But at this point I’d give anything a try.

More importantly, I felt this peace with her. After a long time in my life, someone has opened up to help so unselfishly and that, for me, is her essence.

Within days, I felt lifted, energised, started working out and felt like things are only getting better.  I started reading and learning and on a path to living the best life I can ever imagine for myself and anyone and everyone who I know.

I have decided to learn reiki to work on myself and anyone who may need support.

This all became possible because Dil exists!

My darling, I will forever be grateful and I wish you have the most amazing life ever.

                                                                                           Cy, California

I have to say I was the BIGGEST sceptic yet have benefitted from Reiki sessions with Dil on a couple of different occasions now.  Dil is professional, calm and makes you feel totally at ease. I would encourage you all to try this out!

                                                                                          Tara, London

I never had Reiki before.  I had a pain in one of my legs and she lay down her hands on me.  I don't believe it, but after 30 minutes I felt better, relieved.  After that it was evidence, my pain came from a nerve stuck in my back.  Thank you Dil for everything! 

                                                                                          Flore, London

I have never had Reiki before and had no idea what to expect. I knew from what I had heard from others that I would feel calm and relaxed after, but that was only part of it. After the session I felt elated. I had so much more energy and felt a strange sense of peace that I haven't felt in years. A week later I am still feeling the benefits. Thanks Dil- I would 100% recommend her and I look forward to booking another session sometime soon.

  Jayney, London


I experienced Reiki for the first time in a quick 20 minute session with Dil, and felt results immediately and was amazed by how relaxing it was. It helped with my cold but also the exhaustion I felt. After 20 mins I felt like I had slept for 8 hours! Will definitely be going back :) Thanks Dil!

                                                                                        Jess, London


I have known Dil for a long time. She is amazing.  Her intuitive way of working directs the energy to where your body needs it.  I have found Reiki to be a great way to restore balance on every level and highly recommend Dil to anyone who needs healing for all manner of problems.

Thank you! 

                                                                                        Deni, London

I have seen Dil many times. She is a wonderful healer. She is very gentle and her treatments are exceptional. She takes the time to treat you and you can literally feel her healing power through her hands. She is very good at listening to you and giving you feedback about what she has felt from you during the session. She is a great woman.

                                                                                     Jerome, London


Dil is a gentle and caring person who has helped me on several occasions by carrying out hands-on healing to relieve both physical and stress-related symptoms. As well as relief of physical discomfort, I have also felt positive emotional benefits, and always sleep deeper and longer after a Reiki therapy session. I have no hesitation in recommending Dil's services and hope that others can benefit from her gifts.

                                                                                   Lizzie, London

I had a nasty fall and damaged my stomach. Within minutes of receiving Reiki from Dil I could feel a physical change. 24 hours later I was completely pain free. Believe me, no one could be more sceptical than me regarding alternative healing, but now I am completely converted. Thank you so much Dil x 

                                                                                 Pete, Nottingham

Dil is a miracle worker. She helped me a great deal with my anxiety and migraines. It's truly an amazing experience and I can't recommend Dil highly enough. Thank you.            

                                                                                Saara, London


Dil was spectacular - I was shocked that I could feel the Reiki so physically, and when our session was done, I felt a wave of calm that has still not left me. Thank you, Dil!

                                                                                Estefania, London


Dil is amazing, she has healing powers for real! I felt an overwhelming sense of wellbeing after being treated and generally calmer and happier. I need to book another session ASAP!

                                                                                Dani, London


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