Reiki is an energy healing system originating from Japan, literally meaning Universal Energy.  The practitioner channels this universal energy to the client by simply placing their hands on or close to the body.
Reiki can help you whatever your circumstances.  It aids physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Most people experience deep relaxation during and after a reiki treatment.  But reiki works on a much deeper level by harmonising the body and promoting positive healing where it’s needed the most. It is suitable for people of all ages from babies to adults, alleviating common symptoms like flu to aiding quicker recovery from more serious problems. 
I am a certified Reiki Master based in West London and can travel, depending on distance.


Reiki, meaning Universal Energy, was discovered by Mikao Usui.  He was born on15th August 1865 into a prestigious Samurai family in the village of Taniai in Japan.  He was brought up as a Samurai, was educated at a Buddhist school and served as a Buddhist lay priest for a time.


Finishing school and unclear of his career path, Usui, along with his brother, made his way to the city lights of Tokyo where he worked for Shinpei Goto, one of the most revered politicians of Japanese history.  Goto eventually became the Mayor of Tokyo and was also the first civilian governor of Taiwan.  During this time Usui was able to travel extensively visiting America, Europe and China.  He married and had two children.  


He then parted ways with Goto and became an entrepreneur but his success didn’t last long and soon he was made bankrupt.   He tried to get back on his feet, after all he had a family to support, but ended up depressed and frustrated.  It was at this time that he started to reflect on his life.  He joined a Zen monastery in the hope of finding some answers but was only left with more questions.  Eventually, he was advised by his abbot that the only way was to reach a state of non-attachment or Nirvana.   This he did by withdrawing into complete isolation on Mount Kurama. After three weeks of solitude he finally found enlightenment or Satori when he felt one with the entire universe.  


On his way down from the mountain he tripped and fell and tore his toe nail. Doubled over in pain he bent down and placed his hand on the wound.  To his surprise the wound started to heal.  Usui had developed the power of healing through enlightenment.


Over the years he went on to heal a vast number of people and subsequently taught the Usui system in Tokyo to those who wanted to learn.  In 1936 an American citizen of Japanese descent, Hawayo Takata, became the first foreign Reiki Master and brought Reiki to the Western World.